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  1. New to XTI strange situations

    New to XTI strange situations Upgrade from CE4000 to XTI4000. I seem to have lost the default settings after made change to sub synth. Now I want to compare back to the original but not able to find those default tunings anywhere on the web. With two in the rack I was not able to make global EQ changes across the two with the Band Manager Program. Everything else worked normal. Day 2. Searched for way to get amps back to default tunings. Not successful. Cannot get the amps to connect to Band Manager via USB. Device Manager shows them connected but Band Manager will not connect to them Seems to be correct in device manager. Seeing problems with Band Manager reinstalled and tried everything to try to get USB to connect as it did the day before. Also cannot close Band Manager have to right click on it and close manual. Also still have to close .exe in the Task Manager, as it will state two programs are running if you try to start it. Tried looking for troubleshooting info on USB problems could not find anything. Also tried looking for info on default tunings but was not able to find that either. All search windows on this site come up wither error. Going to download System Architect and see if it helps.