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    Thank you soooooo much, and thanks for talking to me yesterday on the phone; that worked perfectly! " usb.generic.allowHID = "TRUE" " that changed it all. i wish the woman at vmware couldve just told me about that file, not just installing the extra vmware tools. which i already had installed that do not help this situation. But thank you again, im sure ill be back in the future with more little problems or just advice. -Paul I also listed this problem at: ..if anyone was interested in following it more there.
  2. So i have my new xti4000 and first thing i wanted to do was open it in system architect... Well my macbook didnt see it, nor did vmware. So i called up crown, and they said vmware has this problem; parallels, and bootcamp work fine because they direction connect all usb through, where as vmware has its own thing. So he tells me to call vmware and have them tell me how to open my ports. Well to my knowledge my ports were open, but i called vmware up anyways. They tell me to install vmware tools, which i already had done, and of coarse they didnt understand my problem, nor did i expect them too. So heres my question: does anybody else use vm fusion with system architect and xti's through usb (im wondering if when i switch to ethernet, maybe i wont have this problem, but i dont have the usb ethernet switch yet) Or does anybody know how to fix this problem and open my usb ports so the virtual xp machine can see the xti.. Currently i am partitioning my drive so i can run bootcamp, but i havent finished formating the partition. Thanks guys!! -Paul BTW, this is also my first post, im not sure if people introduce themselves on here, but i will. My name is Paul Lipp, Im from sourthern MD. I own a pro sound, video and lighting business. I am an audio visual for my local county government. I produce a weekly live video production of my county's commissioners, i work with our sheriffs dept/CIT/State police and states attorneys office on audio and video forensics. My passion is my business, in working with live sound, video and lights. My job is based out of our MIS or technology services dept, so i am very good with computers, servers, networks, system virtualization, and other weird computer related stuff. My other job for the my county is a media specialist through our department of economic development, where i head up all video projects, such as comcast onDemand content, television and radio commercials, and creative web support. On the side, i am a drummer, and have played in various bands; none went far... I love extreme sports: climbing, caving, rappelling, scuba diving, bmw freestyle, rally car driving, snow boarding.. among many others. Well for the most part thats me. google my name or business and you'll find more about me if your really interested. Im also on the PSW forums, so look for me there. I look forward to talking to you guys!