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  1. Crown CTS3000 problems

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of thermal paste was recommended for the CTs 2000/3000 series? Both seem to run the fans pretty hard even though there isn't much load. I took covers off and cleaned off all dust and noticed the thermal paste seems pretty dry too. Looking to clean that off and reapply fresh paste but wasn't sure what kind was best to us. Thanks, Brandon
  2. CTs2000

    Got an update on the amp. R905, R906, R907, R908 are not testing properly and have a browning around the pcb. Does anyone think there is a problem upstream (possibly with the transformer?) or if it is limited to the resisters? Any ideas or information would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks, Brandon J Crittenden
  3. CTs2000

    I have a CTs2000 that will not power on. The power and clip lights flash but doesn't power up. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know where to find the service manual? Thanks, Brandon
  4. CL 2 Channel 2 Fault

    Hi, I have a CL2 that powers up normally......but after 2-3 minuites Channel 2's Falut light will come on. Any Ideas? I am having a tough time finding and service manuals or schematics. Thanks!
  5. CL 4 Fault

    Hi, I have a CL 4 that will not come out of Fault. Nothing seems to be wrong following general troubleshooting steps. Does anyone know where to find the service manual and or schematic?
  6. CTS 1200 not power up

    Does anyone know what the pin out is for the transformer (901) on the CTs 1200. I couldn't locate the pin out in the service manual or the schematic. Thanks, Brandon
  7. CTS 1200 not power up

    Thanks! I really appreciate it!
  8. CTS 1200 not power up

    Hi, does anybody know where to find the schematic for a CTs 1200?