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  1. MA 2402 question

    Thanks stephane, To find it, I have made a search on the crown website : "ma2402 serial number" (at first I would find the date of manufacture) , and I have see this note in the answer of the search (I think it's the first or second answer find) In fact, if I have understand, it's about the IQ softwair, but I don't use it for the moment. I want only known if my MA work normaly (for sound) without this function? Thanks
  2. MA 2402 question

    Anybody can explain me?
  3. Hi , I have a MA 2402 since two days, (sorry for my english, I am french and bad in english!) I think his factory date is 2004 but I am not sure, the number on my MA is 0064, It's that or not? I have read the technical note 014 on the crown website but I have understand nothing. I must do the "modification" to have good sound, or it's only for PIP compatibility ? how know if the "before owner" have do it? and, why do the modification? If somebody have understand what I say , and can give me an answer... Thanks a lot