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  1. I posted a similar question to this back in september -- I would (I was/am) going to use two XTi-2000s in bridged mono (one for each 528's giving them 2000w, the exact program power). As for the 525's I have an XTi 4000 (1200w, a little shy of the program power) powering those, and they kick a$$, LOUD, clear and tight! My current rig has the two 525's on a XTi-4000 and two MP418s on a Crest audio LT-2000 (which is similar in power output to the XTi-2000) with a driverackPA. We recently used this system for a party on NYE in NYC in a party of about 500 and it rocked it no problem. I couldn't be happier with it for the price and quality of the sound. I would like to add two of the 528s and XTi-2000's sometime soon but I caught wind of a rumor thats making me hold off for a little bit. It was a good rumor and hopefully a true one that i would really like to come true. whattis this rumor you speak of????? and 1 FR2500 per 528 makes it perform amazingly well. we use the 2 528 for a massive gym and it shakes the stands on all sides. thank you for your advice! i think i might go with the xti2000
  2. So I have 2 MRX 525's and 2 MRX 528's. Currently running off 2 mackie FR2500's and they pump out sound even though they are underpowered. Now I want to go all Harman, and get some XTi's for either subs or mains, because i like how i can have more control and options with the XTi being able to plug into my computer. Im planing on getting 2 more of the 528's. Which crown amps should i run to give me some headroom and be able to put these cabs to their potential?