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  1. cl-1 clip light

    define "serviced", please. for a short time the problem went away, but its started again. The amps are in a moveable rack and I bring them inside during inclement weather. Last time it cleared up after a warm day of airing out it seemed. This time it started like the last time, meening, after I hooked them up after being inside, the clip light is on at start and channel doesnt pass fault check.
  2. I recently powered up my two crown cl-1 amps and normally they both go thru the power up/ diagnostic check at about the same time, but now, one amp the clip light comes on immediatly and stays on after the diagnostic check without any input going to the amp. Any suggestions as to where I should begin checking? Thanks in advance.
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    I agree completely,
  4. this is version 3.0 of this question, correct?
  5. BUMP! Sorry for bringing up this old of a post, Admin dude, but stuff like this needs to be noticed!
  6. 2 amps, 1 mixer

    @ bill, Im attempting to run both in stereo mode with the same signal, and from the diagram Dglass posted, it looks as though I can do that. @ Dglass, Thank you for tha diagram. I will be using this setup for an outdoor system on my deck/back yard and am planning on building my own speakers and hope to be entertaining/harrassing the neighborhood very soon!
  7. Greetings to all! I have two CL-1 amps and an Alesis multimix 12-R preamp/mixer, Can I run the main out from mixer to the input lugs on one amp, then run the 1/4 inch to the other amp so they will "see" the same input signal? Does that even make sense? (sorry, Im kind of a n00b at professional audio equipment) thanks in advance.