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  1. Setting Load Limit

    Hey Dave, I was getting an error while running program music, so " Continuous Load Monitoring " in my investigations saw the tone test available, and attemted tests that way. I will call next time I get into that system .
  2. Setting Load Limit

    I have tried to set load limits outside of the error parameters but they continue to error in architect. Default comes up as high 50 low 2, and nominal imp @ 8. When I run the test on cts2000( tone sweep ) it rides up to 250. I set parameters at 2-300 and it still fails the test. I wish there was better text on error resolution in System Architect. Where can I obtain more trouble shooting. I called Crown a week ago and now I'm sending back four of my 26 amps. I don't have a spares of everything in the rack.
  3. Setting Load Limit

    I am getting load limit errors in system architect, and can figure out how to set the parametters for my set up.