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  1. fanspeed in MacroTech I series

    okay thanks for the answer. another question, is the XTi 6000 a Class I amp like the MacroTech/I-Tech? or is it like the others in the XTi series?
  2. Hey. I've got a simple question: Can you change the fanspeed on a MacroTech I amp, like you can on a XTi amp? this is what I found for the XTi series in a PowerPoint presentation: "In XTi, CDi, and DSi amplifiers, the fan will turn on in “Fan Hi” mode when the internal heat sink temperature reaches 53C. To change the fan mode, the “Next” button is held down at start up. A more sensitive “Fan Lo” will be initiated. The fan will turn on at 33C and off at 23C. To disable it, hold down the “Next” button at start up and the fan will return to normal. To change to “Fan On” mode, hold down the “Sel” button at start up and the fan will stay on high continuously. To disable it, hold down the “Sel” at start up and the fan will return to normal." are there any combinations like that for the MacroTech I series? Thanks Nick
  3. Crown I-Tech HD, real?

    Search it, see what comes up. I saw it today searching for the XTi-6000 (which is apparently not real according to PSSL). Crown kind of let us know about the Macro-tech i series before they were available, but they are keeping the lid tight on these two (maybe three?). About a week or two ago PSSL listed a Crown XTi-6000 but then it was off the website later that day. I was curious and came here to see whats up and someone had already posted asking about that amp.....later that day that post magically disappeared. For some reason I searched that amp on PSSL again the other day and it was there so I took screen shots of everything. Again later that day the amp was gone from the website, but it appeared in another forum when searched on google. Some one had contacted PSSL about the amp and its disappearance. This is what they wrote back, Quote: Dear Matt, Thank you for your interest in That was a miss print. There is no XTI-6000. sorry for the confusion. Don't forget about the other great reasons to buy from Giant Inventory with most orders shipped the same day they're placed! You can trust what we say - we've been in business for over 30 years! 110% Price Protection Low Price Guarantee 30-Day Hassle Free Returns & Exchanges Free Tech Support for Life! Sincerely, ProSound and Stage Lightingtm phone:800-945-9300 or 714-891-5914 Espanol: 888-957-8900 fax: 888-777-5329 or 714-891-3675 Funny how they had two identical misprints at two separate times. Oh and the fact that someone took the time to photoshop XTi-6000 on the front panel and design a completely new back panel with a 20A power connector (C19/C20 IEC 16A to be exact) and different connector layout and make up specs for it. Back to the amp I read that the XTi 6000 and System Architect 1.9 will be available on the 5th, i havent heard about the HD though. well I hope someone from Crown can clear this up for us
  4. Crown I-Tech HD, real?

    Hey all. I have heard of an new I-Tech series by the name I-Tech HD. if what I heard i right it should produce more power than the "old" I-Tech, have BSS processing and have a USB in the front to load presets with. does anyone know if this amp is going into production? or is it out now? there is nothing on the Crown website about it. Nick Vilhelmsen