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  1. will there be a no dsp version of the new 4x3500hd if so ill take 1 to go with my other macrotech i amps. joey
  2. Macro-Tech I series

    Hi i was wondering how these macro-tech i amps 9000i sound on a pair of eaw sb1000z ? i was wondering what you think of the i-tech ...i have heard your system at coney island and it is quite loud and sounds good but sometimes a different person is playing and it isnt the best sounding lol ... and sometimes you play great music (my system will be mainly soulful house and disco classics) i stay there alot and listen i was even there when someone washed the phone booth in 2007 lol interested in buying 3 of these amps either i-tech or macro-i although i hear there are alot of problems with the itech... anyways your opinion is valued in my book ...thanks