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  1. K2 over heating question

    Yes I know the amp runs warm to moderately hot, but this was too hot, even to touch. Also, never had it so hot where it started to clip as it was doing. Anyway, turned out there was an passive in-line volume control in the speaker wire between the amp and the speakers. Removing this volume control seemed to do the trick. Now it's back to the warm and fuzzy mode. Thanks.
  2. Experienced over heating of my K2 after running a small pair of 6 ohm residential outdoor speakers for a backyard party. After about an hour or so the amp started to clip. Felt the amp and I could have fried an egg on it. Haven't had any problems with the K2 up till now running a pair of JBL SR Pro Series speakers at 8 ohms, so wasn't sure if the 6 ohm load had something to do with it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello. Is the sensitivity switch related at all to speaker ohm capability? For an 8 ohm speaker, what is the recommended sensitivity? Thanks.
  4. Amp Suggestion

    Thanks DGlass. What about the difference between the XT1 and the Macro-Tech's? Are the Macro-Tech's even better than the XTi for tighter bass? Or is this only noticable at very high volume?
  5. Amp Suggestion

    Great! One last question if you don't mind..... How does the XT1 4000 compare with say a Macro-Tech 2400 or 3600? Which one provides a richer sound and better bass? (I'm considering a good used Macro-Tech also as an option......) Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Amp Suggestion

    Thanks Bill. Question regarding dampening factor between the old PB2 andf the XTi's. I looked at the old specs for the PB2 and the dampening factor was 1000. The XTi is around 400. With this difference, will I receive less pounding bass response from the JBL's? I definetly do not want to sacrifice on bass. I'd actually like to get more.
  7. Hello. Looking to replace my 12 year old PB2 with a new amp to drive a pair of JBL SR 4735's. The PB2 has been good for all these years, but I'm looking for something with more power for tighter bass especially. The JBL's can handle 600W continuous and 1200 peak. I only use this system for my home jamming pleasure and not for DJ or touring. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Happy Holidays!