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  1. speakon cables solution?

    oh ok well i put 1+/1- on the side for the speakers and 2+/2- on the amp side so thats probly why it wasnt working im going to try all 1+/1- and see if it work and yes I want stereo
  2. hey i own a crown xls 402 and im powering a pair of jbl jrx125's and i just bought a pair of 50' speakon cables for a gig im having a moth from now and I configure them to what crown's pdf file said and only the top speakon connector on the amp worked and the bottom didnt i tried both cables and speakers and its deffenetly the amp or im not sure if my configuration is right but i got +1 and -1 plugged on the speakes and +2 and -2 plugged on the amp thats how i understood on the pdf file shown here http://www.crownaudio.com/pdf/amps/126986.pdf is there something i could do?