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  1. I would like to record my dixieland band rehearsals as simply as possible. Currently I use the internal mics of my Fostex FR-2LE recorder, placing it in the center of the band, arranged roughly in a circle. This works fairly well in terms of balance, but the sound quality isn't so hot. I've tried better mics plugged into the recorder, but since they're directional, I can't get good balance that way, and I've tried several configurations. We rehearse in a large, carpeted room (an old dining hall, now used as a meeting room). The acoustics are pretty good, and the carpet creates a dry sound with relatively little room effect. Would a single PZM work well for this purpose, placed on the floor in the center of the band (seven players)? Would any of the models, PZM-30D, PZM-6D, or PZM-185 do a good job? (Stereo recording isn't important to me for this application.) Cost isn't the primary issue, but if, say, the 185 would do as good a job as the others, I'd just as soon use the least expensive solution. Thanks for any advice. P.S. Why do I care about sound quality for rehearsal recordings? The answer is that when I get a good take, I like to add it to our demo and audition materials, after doing some basic editing in Audacity.