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  1. CM-311AE to wired

    Now I finally had the chanse to try this filter. Unfortunate it doesn't help me... Are there any other suggestions what it may be? Regards Peter
  2. CM-311AE to wired

    Thanks for your answer. I missed that extra filter and I'll try to build that in. I'll come back with the result later What I ment by a "sticking sound" is a sound that's in a higher frequency range than a regular hum. And with the "ground sound" I ment a humming sound like that comes from poor soldering of the ground cable. I hope that explains it. Regards Peter (from Sweden)
  3. Hi, I want to use my headset CM-311AE for both wired and wireless use. (I always forget to charge the battery) I've therefore assembled a box, according to the drawings that I found on this forum, to make my CM-311AE wired. The main difference is that I used a power supply with 9V output instead of a battery. Now I face a problem with a sticking sound (not a "ground sound"). Anyone that know what this is and how I can get rid of it? I also wonder if it's possible to use phantom power if I cut the wire above the black box? (I then would solder two jacks (male and female) on the wire to reconnect the black box for wireless use again) If anyone have a solution on my problem and also can make a drawing of it, please email me. @-mail