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  1. Volume flucuates- XTi4000

    The input meter in the software GUI is before the front panel level controls to indicate the signal level arriving at the input of the amplifier. The front panel level controls are connected to the main board by a ribbon cable so most likely you have a ribbon cable issue. You should get the amp to a Crown Authorized Service Center or back to us for service. Be aware however that we will be closed the week of Christmas and the week of New Years. is this ribbon cable problem just an intermittent connection situation? or is there some modification involved. I'm an electronics service guy (TV repair)..with a big background in audio gear repairs...I'm not afraid of getting in the unit or voiding warranty. I just need the thing to work without the down time and shipping expense of sending it or taking it somewhere. can you tell me what the fix involves? perhaps a particular connector location?
  2. XTi1000 volume changes

    I have these same problems with an XTI4000 running in xover mode, I have volume with the knob on the amp channel 1 turned all the way down. I also have the problem with the output level increasing on its own. Leaflock mentions "typical ribbon cable problems" DGlass responds with something about "upgrades" I'm not familiar with either of these procedures...could you please clarify?
  3. I'm having problems with my xti4000 changing volume on its own. It happens with an iPod running or when mixing. I happened to have Sys Architect up and running when this occurred and saw that it WAS NOT the input level which was increasing, so I assume the problem has to lay in the output stages of the amp. is there a fix?
  4. how to use tunings?

    I've tried my hardest but cannot find how exactly to take advantage of "tunings". I see them as device files, but cannot import them.....am at a loss. can anyone direct me to a link with some direction that doesn't expect me to already know the System Architect terminology? I'm trying to discover just what "tunings" have to offer, but can't even open the file! JBL cabs that are not in the device pull down, but the tunings file came with SA
  5. I also have that problem with xti4000, dont know what to do about it.