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  1. Crown XTi 6000 Problem

    @Rayan I am facing the same exact problem as yours. Did you manage to solve the problem? if yes, then please tell me how you did that. I am sure it has nothing to do with cleaning, because the amplifier is very clean, nothing clogged. and the amplifier heats in idle, even if no load is connected. Best Regards Sam
  2. Got a crown CDi-1000 power amplifier, that at power on came into smoke. I am attaching a picture of the location smoked out. Tried to locate a schematic, but didn't find any. Any help on either of the above issues? http://postimg.org/image/cp416ymbl/ Regards
  3. Hello I have an MT600 amplifier, one of the channels heats a LOT in idle while no load connected, the sound is just normal, powerfull no noise or distortion. I had no success to find data on how to measure or adjust the idle current. Any help?
  4. CTS1200 Problem

    I don't understand why CROWN Technical support don't help? Send this amplifier to the trash?
  5. CTS1200 Problem

    I got an update I noticed that the same channel when loaded, feeding sine wave, I noticed that the THERM protection LED turns on quick, even the heat sink is not so hot, I even have the fans running on top of the heat sink for testing purposes. I conducted a test on the working channel, forcing it to over heat, no fans used, THEN!!!! the working channel started to show the same effect!!! as of the faulty channel!!! Image from the WORKING channel when loaded and forced to over heat http://postimg.org/image/6i1l5ttq1/ in the image above, the voltage was 65V, when the channel over heated, voltage dropped to 35V, and the wave started to get bad. Now I think that we know the problem is in the thermal control section? Please advice
  6. CTS1200 Problem

    I am not getting a better result by removing those resistors, except that the wave forms looks better, only clippling, no strange wave as before Also, I am unable to get more than 35V at the amplifier output, See image for best wave clipping http://postimg.org/image/wv6qijftz/ Another image when channel starts clipping http://postimg.org/image/6mxl3kzuv/ Image at TP111 , looks strange http://postimg.org/image/ip3zoimxx/ Image at TP211 looks good http://postimg.org/image/wxtp4v78r/ This amplifier is driving me crazy, it gives 80V without load Hope I get some more help
  7. CTS1200 Problem

    WIill try this on saturday. But compare what exactlly? and why Ch2? its already working!
  8. CTS1200 Problem

    Hello Yes, without load I am getting around 80V, same as the good channel. No load http://postimg.org/image/5zwc1pj07/ I checked all of the 0.68R resistors, All are good. I am getting LOWER output voltage when i connect the load around 40V, see how the wave looks like with load Loaded http://postimg.org/image/7nhala319/ http://postimg.org/image/7nhala319/ The working channle gives around 67V at the same load clean sine Hope i can solve it
  9. CTS1200 Problem

    Hello I changed the damaged BASE transistor, the channel is not heating. But a new problem is showing now, when connecting a 4 OHMS load at the repaired channel, I am only getting 35V with strange signal The good channel is able to deliver 65V nice sine wave Any ideas?
  10. CTS1200 Problem

    Hello I have just found that the BIAS transistor is damaged, it measures two diodes, thanks to the transistor analyzer , these test tolls are priceless. I will change it tomorrow and I will post my updates Thanks
  11. Itech 6000 service

    That amplifier requires lot of work to become alive agai, Check the schematics first. then Check the SMPS voltages Check for blown parts, any blown fuse resistors. Hope that helps
  12. CTS1200 Problem

    Hello After hard work, I managed to make this amplifier running. Now, I have a new problem, that the repaired channel, is heating very quickly, even if the amplifier is cold power it up, wait 5 seconds the FANS will run at maximum speed. I trien to find out how to adjust the BASE, but no details on how to do that in the service manual. Any clue?
  13. CTS1200 Problem

    I wonder why crown technical support is just not helping?
  14. CTS1200 Problem

    Coming back to this old thread. Any one found the problem? I found nothing faulty in the power amplifier section, this amplifier is driving me crazy.
  15. CTS1200 Problem

    Hello Alian. thanks for the replay. I removed the two beads. And the power supply just worked. i am facing new problem in the power supply. Voltage is not equal on outputs. Is this a regulated power supply?? Still i am trying to find out the problem in the amplifier section. I removed all of the power transistors. But still the smps cannot start if i reconnect the amp section without the power transistors.