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  1. Circuit Breaker for MA5000VZ

    This was very informative. I got a great deal out of reading these technical notes. I think that for the most part I will be looking more into the I-Series amps. I understand the efficiency and enegry density. I just need to sit down with a machrotech 5000 and 5000-I and play them side by side, regardless of the efficiency and really put this technology to the test. Which one has that bone crushing bass that we know and love out of Crown amplifiers? Not a sceptic but hearing is believing. Sergeon
  2. Circuit Breaker for MA5000VZ

    Thanks for the advise. This is the first time I attempt using a 30A breaker. I will redesign my panel to support 30A curcuits. I am runnin 2 dual 18" subs on each side, 2 KW @ 4 ohms per channel, in stereo. That being said, I have a follow up question. How do newer amps run so much power on smaller 20A circuits, like I-Series or K-10? What trade offs exist from transformer based power supply to switch mode or even to capacitor bank power supply designs? I have the fear that I wont get the "juice" I need from amplifier units incorporating switching supplys rather than transformer based systems. How do they compare from an instantaneous power point of view.
  3. Hey, I just bought a Machrotech 5000VZ and was wondering how to connect it. Most of the places I run in have a 20 amps circuit. Is this enough? I dont want to choke the power. Is it safe to use an adapter and under what power conditions can this be feezable? When I run larger systems I tap into a main circuit panel with my own (220VAC 60A) circuit breaker and run it to my portable power distro. Here I have secondary panel with 6x (120VAC 20A) circuits, 3 on each leg of the distro. Do I have to now replace my 20s for 30s? It's a quick mod but I will loose 2 of my circuits due to the new power configuration. I can only run 60 A per leg so this will be my limit.