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  1. Crown K2 delayed intermittence

    I replaced the diodes and the problem continued. I've now had the amp looked at and tested under a dummy load. they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but its still dropping out after an hour or so usage. Are there any authorised service centres in the UK I can conctact, i can't find any online. Or would i be able to order a replacement input board from crown as I'm almost certain this would fix the problem as its most likely the sleep circuit... any help would be great, can't face life without my k2!
  2. Crown K2 delayed intermittence

    Having disabled the sleep function via Z1. after the amp had heated up and run for an hour it is still producing the same beaviour. The enable light is still dimming whilst the sound drops out. I'll look into the diodes Kev, cheers!
  3. Crown K2 delayed intermittence

    Service documentation for the Kseries is avaialble from our Discontinued Products web page at: Thanks, i've disabled the sleep circuit and it seems to be operating fine. I guess i'll wait to see if this is a permanent fix and just live without the power saving.
  4. Crown K2 delayed intermittence

    Thanks for the input. KGring, i've found the amp behaves consistently like this wherever I use it, works for an hour then starts giving up. Sounds very possible DGlass, that something is going out of tolerance. I'd prefer to have a look at it myself before finding a tech in the UK. are there service manuals or schematics available for the K2? Thanks!
  5. My K2 has recently been playing up. It will operate perfectly for around an hour, then it will begin dipping into sleep mode. at first it only flickers silent for a moment but it gets quicker until there is no sound. once this happens, the enable light flicks bright every couple of seconds and you can sometimes hear a very short burst of sound. no warning lights are coming on and the amp isnt particularly hot. turning it off for a short period seems to push back the effects. Any ideas?! my SoundTech amp is so loud its driving me insane