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  1. OK, here's an update on the problem. When the left channel quit, I left the amp off for a while and when powered up, the left channel was still out. Powering up after resting overnight, both channels powered up. That is a good thing, but still wonder what happened. At the time the left channel quit the amp was not running hard or hot. Any thoughts on possible causes. If thermal protection kicked in, is this what would happen? Is it likely that the heat sensing is out of kilter and shut down one channel even if it wasn't hot? Any help appreciated.
  2. My church uses an XLS402 for movies and light duty PA for the youth group. We purchased the amp from an individual who had used it in his home theatre for less than a year. He is someone who is known to us and uses highly efficient Klipsch speakers, so we are sure the amp has ever even been pushed to full power. In our few months of owning it have less than 20 hours on it and all light use. The amp has performed perfectly with fabulous sound until a couple of days ago. We noticed a red LED inside the case. Then the left channel failed. Now upon power up, both channels light red LED's on the faceplate. Then after a second or so the right channel displays a green LED as expected. The left channel displays no LED after the initial red LED goes off. One thing we noticed is that while playing the amp that the green LED's vary in intensity which, of course, is an indication of the power level. What was somewhat of a surprise is that the blue LED on the faceplate matched the green LED's in it's varying intensity. Any advice and help is sincerely appreciated. If service is needed, would this be a warranty repair? The unit is within the three year warranty, if the warranty is transferrable. Also, if not considered a warranty repair, any guesses as to what repair cost might be? Thanks in advance. DaddyDee Newbie forum member