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  1. Hello Kevin, it looks that my itech has also the ribbon cable issue. Both channels start clipping after some time with input signal below -20dB. But besides that FAN goes very fast even no load connected. Is the fan also related to ribbon cable issue? thanks michal
  2. Itech speaker wiring

    Thanks Kevin. Now I need to get the crossover settings for the MRX515 and SRX 718. I have found some for the 718 but not for the 515. There are so many different types in Systems Arcitecht. How do you know which to choose? Anyone out there use these speakers withe the Itech and have settings that work for them? I think there are just SRX tunnings for Itech but you can download MRX tunings for XTI amp, insert XTI amp in sys architect import the MRX settings in it and then type the same in ITECH.
  3. Hello, I was testing my new IT8K amp together with XTI4K and noticed that the ITECH input stage clips a way before XTI. I set Itech sensitivity 1.4V. XTI att knobs were fully open but I set some att on XTIs digital control. For me it looks like that XTI input stage clip indikator is reading signal after digital att control. Is my theory correct? thx
  4. XTi 4000 crossover

    Hi, you can not run 715 and 718 with one xti4000 bridged. There is a possibility to connect paralel 718 and drive them with bridged XTI4000 using internal crossover. The same with 715 but I wouldn't recommend this setup because atleast subs will be underpowered and cabling will not be very practical. If I were you I add XTI6000 to drive 715 stereo and bridge XTI4000s for each 718s . .
  5. Some questions

    Hello, I would't recommend powering 728 with bridged XTI4000. I was using this setup and wasn't satisfied with the sound and amps were working very hard. Now I'm switching to IT8000 and hope it will sound better.