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  1. Hi All, I have a problem that I hope ya'll can help me with. I am miking a city council chamber, and they often have 'round table' meetings where they set up temporary tables in the middle of the conference room, and conduct the meeting from there. I need to mike that area, and amplify it, so that both those sitting the audience can hear, but also so that it can be recorded. I have tried using desktop wireless microphones, but this involves too complicated a procedure for the normal crew that sets up these meetings. Also, desktop wireless microphones are either very expensive, or have major reliability problems. Since this is only an 8 foot ceiling height, can I use one or two PZM10 mikes in the ceiling to record this set up? More details. The room is about 60 feet by 50 feet, with ceiling mounted speakers in a roughly 10' by 12' pattern. I can isolate the speakers directly above the tables, and adjust their settings (including volume and FBR) separately. The conference table is about 20'x8' wide, and is located in the center of one half of the room. I have a couple of extra channels on my SCM810 for the microphones. Thanks for any advice you can give me! Charlie