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  1. What XTi Amp to use.....

    I am looking for one of the XTi amps to power a JBL JRX118S, I need the amp to run either 2 or 4 of the JRX118S subs. Can anyone explain how you figure out the correct amp needed for this application? Any help is greatly appreciated .... Brandon
  2. XTi 4000 and JBL JRX125, JRX118 Set-Up

    Thanks so much for th help that is awesome!! I really appreciaate it, and this will help me greatly and make my speakers sound so much bettere also. Thanks
  3. XTi 4000 and JBL JRX125, JRX118 Set-Up

    Thanks for the information. Is there insturctions somewhere on how to put the tunings in the software. Thank you again for the help. New to the crown amps so any help is nice.
  4. I was wanting to make sure that I set up my system the right way. I currently have 1 Crown XTi 4000, 2 JBL JRX 125 and 2 JBL JRX 118S. I am wanting to run the two 125s off of one channel and the 2 118s off of the other channel. I was wanting to know how to set the crossover in the amp, the right way to make sure I don't mess up the amp or the speakers. Any help is much appreicated. Thanks