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  1. well this is my problem: in the last year i used my pc for check the system in a disco now i cant see one or two amp . the message in the explorer is offline and can`t edit so. in other pc this amp are ok ,but other can`t is normal? what`s wrong? this amp are i-tech 8000 thanks for your help
  2. hi this month my company boat 7 amp crown like this: 2 XTi and 5 I-Tech ok for now but in the hour info for each amp. said 1000 hour and the max for one was 1300 hour !unbelieve! this amp are new ................. our customer are angry and he need "to cut heads" so for now i need to send this info with the serial number of each amp and make this real for the dealer because he don`t believe me can you help me????? thanks