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  1. xti and itech files

    ok, also, there is no harmonic synt on the itech right?
  2. is it possible to upload a configuration file made on an xti to an itech amp?
  3. I would love to have the system architect on the mac too. right now I have to carry one PC just for it.
  4. xti 2000 wierd problem. rebooting

    today I used the same rack on other gig and everything worked fine. I plan to go to the hotel I was working when the problem show up and measure the voltage on that particular socket i used that time. question, can this amp be affected by harmonics on the a/c power line?
  5. xti 2000 wierd problem. rebooting

    As for the speakers short, I removed all wiring to the amp to test this and still same reboot thing. No surge suppressor installed. As for the clipping problem, I fixed this on mi last gig adjusting the levels with sys arch.
  6. I have a rack of 3 xti amps, two 2000 and one 4000. last saturday for some reason one of the 2000 amps wont turn on. all the level lights and the display turn on and off in a cycle. the other amps worked fine. i also noticed that the 4000 clip leds where turning on sometimes but not the -10 db led. all amps have the latest firmware. today I tested the amp at home and turned up fine. I did not check voltage but it was a hotel ballromm so i suspect it should be fine.
  7. missing knob

    good, thanks
  8. missing knob

    hey guys, I have a missing knob on one xti. where can I get one.?
  9. xti2000 problem

    today I noticed thet the channel 2 of the amp was passing audio even with all the gain down, rull ccw. also during play the ch1 went out and went back when I tap several times on the gain knob. is there a known fix to this.
  10. xti2000 not booting help!

    the amp just started working fine again. could this be a firmware issue?? I have done the upgrades to the amp but don't know if there is a new firmware out.
  11. I was using amp last night perfectly and now when turn it on in the morning it wont boot. the display and the channel lights blink and stays in this cycle. any input on this?
  12. xti 2000 display blink

    update, after your comment I went out and check the subs I was using and found out that the woofers on them were JBL 2241G wich is a 4 ohm version. so on past saturday I ended up doing a 5 hour high level event with the amp bridged at 2 ohms. the amp didn't even got hot. I am very impressed with the amp.
  13. xti 2000 display blink

    if the impedance of the subs is lower than the 4 ohms bridged rating, the amp is supposed to go into protect or not?
  14. I just got an xti 2000 and while using it at 4 ohms bridged mono, when near clip the hole front display blinks at the beat of the music. is this normal.