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  1. xls-802 to 4 speakers

    Howdy, The XLS802 is 500w @ 8ohms and 800w@4ohms. When you parallel two 8ohm speakers you bring the load down to 4ohms. To parallel, lets use right side as an example.... you have one of each speaker there... if you run a wire from each you could just stick both positives leads in the right positive terminal on the amp and both negative leads in the negative terminal. Repeat on left side. Alternatively you pull one cable from the amp out to each side... do the jump on the back of the first speaker easy if it has screw or clip terminals or a pass through connection. Keep in mind you got 800w of amp power pr side now, be careful not to blow your speakers. (probably should not crank past half power... to be safe).
  2. Hi, Hope i don't *beep* of some PA dudes by posting this in a pro sound forum.... I'm building a proper size movie theater in my basement (20x30ft and with sloped floor etc etc... totaling at about 9000cu ft. of space to "audify"). So what i'm looking to do is use the HK AVR745 preamp outs onto some crown amps, more than likely 4x DSi 1000 powering 3x JBL 3622N 8x 8330A and one of the matching 18" subs from the JBL cinema line. Sure it may be a little excessive but i'm looking for that really really "Grand" sound and you just don't get that when the amp is straining.... im allergic to unintentional distortion (haven't we all been to clubs where the DJ plays louder that what hes peavey should). I'm always amassed at how much louder you can play without it becoming unplessant, when the audio is not distorted. I found this AWG diagram on the crown page and according to it (unless i messed up) i should use #2 to #4 AWG (welding cable?) Anyways.... what i'm looking for here is just some pointers and suggestions if i've overlooked some pitfalls, affirmations anyone?. Oh... btw and can i control the dsi amp volume knob via the USB connection? (when they are tucked away in a rack somewhere out of the way).