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  1. IOC Circuit for D-series amps

    Indeed the D150 proved difficult to retrofit but with long enough led leads there is enough space between chassis and faceplate.
  2. Yes in fact. I have restored a few along with M600 and the various Techron iterations.
  3. Bump. Anyone interested?
  4. Crown DL-2 Preamp remote control

    Sorry haven't checked in awhile. I purchased online a twelve switch infrared remote control kit. I wired the individual switches on the receiver board to the remote jack. I think I found the connector at Mouser Electronics. The kit comes with a hand held remote. Oh and I purchased a plastic hobby box from Mouser as well with a red translucent plastic front insert to allow the infrared signals to get to the ir diode on the receiver board. Total cost less then $50.
  5. I have the procedure for alighning the Delta/Omega 2000 input board if anyone is interested. It was very difficult to obtain but has been found. I would like to get it posted in the Discontinued Support section but the Administrator has not answered my message. Hopefully this will be read.
  6. CT 400SD

    how did you get the picture in the post?
  7. DC300A hums

    toothpicks, the thin flat one's. Works every time.
  8. Schematic for later D150A

    Thank you Avi. I did get the manual stack that includes all the variations.
  9. These screws are available at multiple online sources. Search "thumbscrews"
  10. I have been using spectral analysis to equalize my listening room for over 30 years. In the early days I used our hardwired TTL research computer at graduate school to do real time FFTs and using a ADS Soundshaper equalizer flattened the room response. As electronics got smaller and less expensive I used dedicated RTA's. The art IMHO of using this at home is finding acoustic room treatment that doesn't look like acoustic treatment i.e. tiles,baffles etc. Instead I use floor coverings, tapestries, furniture etc. in order to create a sound friendly room. I must say that the effort has paid off. One of my favorite tests is to compare a live instrument say a violin or piano to my system in a A B comparison. Blindfolded I have spoofed many "ears". To me that is the acid test, when instruments sound like the real thing.
  11. Thank you for the replies. Since posting on sites globally I have heard back the same comments regarding this dongle device. I did learn that there are two different (possibly more) types of RTA's. "Constant percentage bandwidth" RTAs and "constant bandwidth" RTAs. Pink noise will appear flat on one and sloped on the other. However the consensus is that the Dongle device while a wonderful idea is not correct for the vast majority of RTAs that are in use today. White noise should appear sloped on my RTAs because they are "Constant percentage bandwidth" type RTAs and Pink noise should appear flat. If anyone feels that this is not correct please update this information! And again I thank the collective here.
  12. Crown DL-2 Preamp remote control

    There are two ways to remote the DL-2. I took a simple path to build a infra-red remote. You can use the remote connector to build one simply completeing to ground (if I remember correctly, could be to a voltage available at one of the pins on the connector) each switch function. This gives you control over volume(L,R,L+R up and down) and mute. The next level of remote requires passing data to the DL-2 and is much more complex as it requires a computer interface. The manual has diagrams and instructions for both which can be downloaded from this website. Additionally the 8088 and PIA that is discussed could be found in many experimenter kits which may still be available or you could use a PC (X86) with a PIA card and simply use the program given as an example to be used in a "call" statement in Basic to control one or more DL-2s. The connector is still available at either Mouser electronics or Allied or Digiplex where I got mine. Hope this was helpful.
  13. I need some help with the topic of Pink noise from the collective here. Please help me with this issue as it is getting more confusing the more I look into it. I am Eq-ing my room. I have at my command a Crown RTA-2 and a digital RTA. Both have Pink noise sources. I also just refurbed all the filters in the RTA-2 by replacing the known to go bad tantalum caps and the electrolytics. I have the EQ2 equalizer and the digital RTA has a digital 31 band 2 channel equalizer as well. I bought a dongle type device that has microphone balanced output of Pink noise which I was going to use to calibrate the RTA-2 filters. I checked it's output and it is sloped 3db/octave. All the other Pink noise sources are flat. Now I know that Pink noise is white noise that has been filtered with a 3db/octave filter but has equal spectral power across the spectrum. So should the output of a Pink Noise source be flat or sloped? The Crown RTA-2 Pink noise is flat in the manual graph and on the digital RTA. and on the Crown RTA-2 it's self. The digital RTA Pink Noise source is flat on it's own RTA and on the Crown RTA-2. The dongle is sloped on both. I think the device is wrong. The creator/manufacturer insists it is correct. Help! what is going on here?