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  1. Thanks so much for your help. I think it has a problem... this was taken out of service at a small college where apparently some past staff member a thing for them. There's one in the main control booth for the theater, and the one they were disposing of (the one I got) was not known to work. I have a bit of test equipment around here and will try to see if I can pass signals through it. Having a manual is EXTREMELY useful, and so is knowing that it's an "O" not a "D". It seemed pretty lightweight to be a Crown power amp product. Thanks again, Bill
  2. I added pictures of the front and back... please help if you can. Best, Bill
  3. Hi... I added this picture.... maybe this will help. Unknown Crown piece I've been given a piece of crown gear and I'm not sure if it's in working order or not. In fact, I'm not sure what it is. It says it's a DC 150A on the front. It has two large analog meters on the left side, and each has a knob labled "HOLD TIME". There are 2 rows of push buttons, some of which are connected mechanically like car radios used to be (OK, I'm old.) The top row, starting from the left, says "meters", and you can choose Peak VU or ACLine Audio. THe next three are mutually exclusive for monitor Amp 1, Amp 2, or Amp 3. Next row is a series of what appear to be attenuation switches (?) from 40db/1.4V to O db/14v. The bottom row of switches includes power, speaker system selectors, and headphones. The back is where I get confused/intrigued. All the connections to this piece appear to be banana/binding post or barrier strip. Theres a set for Amplifier 1 with Channel 1 and 2, Amplifier 2 with Channel 1 and 2, and then the barrier strip connections for Amplifer 3. Holy smokes. Does anyone know what this is, what it does, and if I can/should get it checked over and fixed? Also, is there a manual for it anywhere? I've never seen audio connectors at signal level go through binding posts, so is this possibly some kind of switching gear for interconnecting multiple systems? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks, Bill