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  1. Thank you very much for your help
  2. thank you for your reply it is 200 watt AES rated 300 watt music-program 600 dynamic peak ( lo-cut ) . I have some confuse about that . Could you tell me watt is the real deferent between them ( RMS , AES , PROGRAM , MUSIC ) and how I can use that information in my system ? thank you
  3. I will tell you whatt I am going to do and you tell me if that right or not . or mayme you have better idea for me . I am thinking to use ( 3 ) CDi 2000 or XTi 2000 . I will connect every two speakers on one channel at 4 ohms in parallel fashion . that mean every 4 speakers in one amp . then I will connect them with mixer Sound Craft MFX12 . I have another question about ( power calculation ) , I read an article about it and I am confuse if that calculation especially for subwoofer or general for all speakers . this is the article by Wayne Harris (( Whenever you connect more than one speaker to an amp channel, it's important to gauge what effect the speakers will have on the amp and each driver in the chain. In other words, how much power will the amp deliver into each channel given the equivalent-load impedance you've created? And how much power will each speaker in the chain receive? Answering these questions will help you to avoid costly damage to your amp and speakers. Referring back to the hypothetical subwoofer installation outlined above, we know that the amplifier in question is rated to deliver 100 watts x 2 into 4 ohms. To find out how much power each channel of this amplifier will deliver into the resulting 8-ohm load, we must solve Equation 2, in which Po is power output, Pr is the amp's rated power, Zr is the impedance the amp's output power is rated at, and Zt is the equivalent-load impedance for each channel: Equation 2: Calculating Output Power Po = Pr x (Zr / Zt) Plugging in the appropriate numbers, the calculation is worked through as follows: Po = 100 x (4 / 8) Po = 100 x 0.5 Po = 50 watts Now that we know each amplifier channel will deliver 50 watts into an 8-ohm load, we can figure out how much power will be applied to one of the subwoofers – Pa – by solving Equation 3, in which Zn stands for the rated impedance of the speaker: Equation 3: Power Applied to Each Driver Pa = Po x (Zn / Zt) Substituting 50 for Po, 4 for Zn, and 8 for Zt, the equation works through as follows: Pa = 50 x (4 / 8) Pa = 50 x 0.5 Pa = 25 watts Since both subwoofers are rated at 4 ohms, we know that the second subwoofer (Pb) would also receive 25 watts. ))
  4. Dear Stephane This is for PA system . Mostly we will use it for speech in a hall size 30*15 . we will all speakers mono . we already did the wiring in parallel . about budget we don'y have problem with that . we just want the best option for us . thank you
  5. Hi I have 10 speakers Apart 200W 8 Ohms . I am looking for best amp for these speakers .