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  1. Speakon on Bridged Mono XTI4000?

    Cool, I'll just reconfigure a pair of speakon cables for bridged mono use and put a label like you suggested Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure if this question was already raised before but I need to know if I could use the speakon terminals on my XTI4000 in bridged mono mode, I would not want to use the plugs and dimantle the other end of my speakons cables if possible.
  3. XTI 4000 and JBL Mpro 255s

    Thanks for your suggestion I would try to bypass the built in low filter that my speaker has and see what happens.
  4. I would like to run my JBL Mpro 255s using XTI 4000 in Subsynth but I get a distorted bass sound. I don't have any problems running it in stereo mode but I don't want any mids on my subwoofers. My subs has a built in low freq crossover network and I'm wondering if it would be better just to disconect it and run my speaker direct to my amps, Thanks.
  5. XTI2000 .Hex firmware

    I'm having the same problem could you please send me the file too? Thanks