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  1. My band currently runs: Speaker Powered by 2 - SRX 725's 1 - XTI 2000 Bridge Mono 2 - SRX 718's 2 - XTI 4000 Bridge Mono We also own 1- XTI 1000 and 1 - XTI 2000. For starters, I will buy what I need to to make the system right. We did a show recently and fryed the voice coils in the 718's, not cheap to repair. I thought that that would be plenty of power for the Subs but now I'm thinkin it may have been to much. So now we purchased Drive Rack PA+, put 1 - 4000 on the 718's and 1 - 4000 on the 725's. Still not happy with the amount of low end and considering buying the 728 subs. I know how to wire the speakons for running in Bridge Mono per previous forum help so I know that part is right. Lets just say that if you were going to build a system with either set of subs and the 725's, what would be the right amp configuration for all of it and keep in mind that I will buy what I need to (prefer to keep it all the same brand). One other thing to keep in mind is we also recently purchased Drive Rack PA+. After reairing the subs this is the setup Speaker Powered by 2 - SRX 725's 1 - XTI 4000 Stereo 2 - SRX 718's 1 - XTI 4000 Bridge Mono After running the setup wizard on the DRPA+, it seemed to clean up the sound alot but still missing the over all low end. We play a few outdoor gigs and the low end would be nice to have. Should we be running the system in 2 or 3 way mono or stereo? Right now it is 2x3, Tops stero and subs mono. Any and all help appreciated. Please HELP Im going crazy.
  2. XTI and SRX problems

    OK Now we're getting somewhere. Now do I set it up as 2 way stereo? The 4000 set to stereo and the 1000 and 2000 set to bridge mono, but how do i go about hooking those two to the 718's so that they both get fed an equal amount? What would you suggest I get to run the 725's and the 718's, keeping in mind what I already own?
  3. I am almost forumed out. I cant read anymore posts. Could you make me up some form of a diagram on how to hook up my pa the most efficient and powerful way possible. I have JBL SRX725's and JBL SRX718's, 2 Crown XTI 1000's, 1 Crown XTI 2000 and 1 Crown XTI 4000. Right now I have the 4000 set to Bridge mono running the Subs, X-over set at 90 and the 2000 set to stereo running the 725s, no X-over. The 1000's just sit there. I think useing the 1000's for the 725's set to bridge mono would give me more power to them. that would leave the 2000 just sitting there. If i need to buy another amp I will do so, I just need to know the best solution to my problem. Would love to use the internal dsp setting for X-ing over everthing but I'm at my wits end on how to do that with the internal setting and different wiring for the speakons. To many posts about setting and wiring configurations. I would love to use band manager but just getting it hooked up with out that is becoming ever increasingly impossible at this point. If I could get it all connected the best way possible I would use Band Manager and or an external crossover, whatever is the best. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. CAN I GET SOME HELP Kevin
  4. xti amps and jbl srx speakers

    If I went back to useing my single subs with the same amps what do you recommend for the setup? I had the 4000 set for bridge mono running the 718 subs, but now you have me worried if im not supposed to do that in 4ohm.
  5. I have a xti 4000, 2 xti 1000's and a xti 2000. I recently purchased the jbl srx 728 dual subs (replaced my srx 718 single subs) to go along with my srx 725 tops. What amp configureation do you recomend i use for the subs. Right now I have the 2000 running the tops and the 4000 on the subs. I see that you can run the subs like 4 independent subs instead of two independent cabs. Is there a way to run them like 4 seperate ones with the amps that i have to get more power to them? If so what would be the setup and speakon configuration that i would use to hook the entire thing up (all speakers and amps) the correct way without blowing something up. Any help you can give me with this matter is appreciated. Thanks in advance for you time
  6. Crown and JBL Setup

    Bill, Once again thanks for the help. I couldn't find the settings for the amps on Jbl or crown sites, or maybe it's just not making much since to me. I feel stupid asking such questions but I just want whats right for the sound. Do you have any recommended settings for these amps in the DSP setup? The only settings I seem to find are these, which I dont think will work. Again thanks in advance. Youve been a great help. Kevin
  7. Crown and JBL Setup

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate all of the help. That's what I thought I was supposed to do and you have verified it. Do you have any recommended settings for the amps themselves? And could you clarify what zeroing out your amp to your mixer means? Do you mean the gain structure? And I thank you in advance for everything. Kevin
  8. I am new to this forum and I would like some advice. I own two Crown XTI 1000's and one XTI 4000. The speakers I am using are (2) JBL SRX725, and (2) JBL SRX718S. What is the best way to hook them up to get optimal sound and performance?? I am not really clear on the speakon connections with the +1 and +2 settings. I have the XTI 4000 powering the subs. I have not changed the speakon connections yet because I am unsure. if I am not mistaken, to run it in bridge mono, the connector on the amp end should be +1 +2. Should the connection be +1 -1 on the speaker end? For the 725's, should I do the same for them? Also, I am not real sure how to set the amplifiers. New to the digital amps. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!