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  1. decent power for klipsch rf83's

    nah... it doesn't have a pre out.... the $600 is for the amp alone. i'd like to find a preamp with a usb connection for my desk top and lap top. i was looking at the outlaw 2150, but that preamp has an internal amp... 100 X 2 @ 8ohm. i just want a system that will crank like and sound clean. people keep leading me to a pro audio set-up. don't wanna go that route.
  2. decent power for klipsch rf83's

    my budget is around $600... i need to find a decent preamp too. tired of blowing my money on receivers and not being satisfied,
  3. i'm ditching my pioneer 7.1... looking for a 2 ch amp with about 300 X 2 @ 8ohm. i'm a newb to home audio. i listen to mostly black, death, and grind core metal. i'm looking for an amp that's clean and powerful. not looking for a dj set up. crown has soooo many amps, i don't know where to look first. any help would greatly be appreciated.