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  1. Configure XLS 602D

    Use the aux sends in pre-fader mode. Looks like only aux 1 can be pre-fader on that board. Make sure to press the "pre" buttons on all channels so your monitor mix is completely independent of your main mix. Have fun and watch out for feedback!
  2. Sounds faulty to me. I had an XTi 2000 with similar problems. I took it back to the retailer and got a new one that works perfect.
  3. JBL MRX515

    Fud is right. If you were planning on using the PA for a full band with drums, bass, etc. I would go with the XTi 4000 but you should be fine for an acoustic show in a relatively quiet bar. Actually the best way to go would be to get an XTi 4000 and run it in stereo on the mains then get another amp for your monitors. This will give you way more headroom and let your music breath which is particularly important for acoustic shows. I've used this configuration for years and it gets plenty loud for rock/hip hop/r&b shows. Add a touch of reverb and you're golden.
  4. Question about Crown XLS 802

    I agree with andre. The fans should not be a problem when listening to music if you're playing rock, hip hop or other compressed pop music. I have an XLS 602 and 402. Unless you are listening to some light jazz or classical music with very quiet sections you should be fine. If you're really concerned about the fan noise look at the XTi series. They have very quiet variable speed fans. The DSP may be unnecessary for your situation but it's there if you need it. You could at least put an infrasonic filter on it. Good for keeping out unwanted rumble that eats up headroom.
  5. I have several Xti Amps and I have have a couple questions concerning the signal flow of the amp. I understand that the meter on the front of the amps is the input level and the knob on the front is an input attenuator. Now is the input meter pre or post internal crossover? If it is pre crossover does that mean if I fed the amp with an external crossover I could send the amp more of the frequencies that I want the amp to produce thus getting more out of the amp? Since I am currently sending full spectrum into the amp does this reduce my headroom? Or is the input meter post crossover and is only displaying the frequencies I intend for the amp to produce? What about the limiter? Is the internal limiter pre or post meter? Is there a block diagram of the Xti amps somewhere? Any clarification would be excellent. Also, I have recently found out about the diagnostics/fan settings you can access by pressing all three buttons. Where can I find information of setting these options? Thank You, -Tap
  6. I am thinking of running an Xti 6000 in stereo with a pair of JBL MRX 515's. The amp is putting out 1200 watts per channel. The speakers are rated for 800 watts program. I know this is 50% more but is it still a good match or is it too much power? I'd like to stick with the Xti series but the Xti 4000 only puts out 650 watts in stereo which doesn't leave me with much head room. Is it better to stick with the 4000 or will the 6000 work? Maybe just keep the input trim down on the amp or set the limiters low? Also, I just want to confirm that running the Xti 6000 on a 15amp circuit is all good or should it be avoided? Thank you, Tap
  7. I am planning on running 2 JBL MRX515 in parallel on 1 Crown Xtii100 at 4 ohms in bridge mono. These would be the right speakers and then 2 more JBLs and 1 one more Xti1000 for the left speakers. The amp is rated at 1400 watts at 4 ohms in bridge mono and each speaker is rated at 800 watts program so the amp would deliver 700 watts per speaker. Am I correct in my calculations? Is this an efficient way of running things? The other thing I need to know is what kind of AC power I will be requiring. Can I run all of this including a mixer and some outboard gear on a single 15 or 20 amp circuit? If I need to use multiple circuits, am I going to run into ground loop issues that result in hums or buzzing? I have a Monster Power Center 3500. I am also considering adding a couple of 18" subs into the equation. Will these require extra circuits? Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated, -Dilan