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  1. XTi 4000's, Peavey SP4's & SP 218's

    DGlass, Thanks for your reply. As far as the manufacturer giving me any speaker tunings, they haven't responded to my request. Maybe I should've never mentioned I wanted them for my Crown presets. Perhaps another e-mail to them may be in order. Thanks again.
  2. I've purchased 4 Crown XTi 4000's. This system will be used just for outdoor gigs and possibly for a few larger indoor venues. I haven't swapped the power amps with the new XTi's, so haven't even used the XTi's yet. I also purchased 2 Peavey SP4's and 2 Peavey SP 218's. The specs on the speakers from Peavey are as follows. Specifications SP 4: Frequency response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in anechoic environment: 52 Hz to 17 kHz (±3 dB) Box tuning frequency: Low Frequency Section: 58 Hz Usable low frequency limit (-10 dB point): 45 Hz Power handling: Full range: 1,000 Watts continuous 2,000 Watts program 4,000 Watts peak Time Offset: Low Frequency: 0.0 ms Mid/High Frequency: 0.48 ms Specifications SP 218: As the SP 218 does not include a passive subwoofer crossover, input should be electronically filtered for subwoofer applications. In addition, for high power operation, a high-pass filter set at 35 to 40 Hz and 12 to 24 dB Butterworth should be used to improve performance and reliability. Frequency Response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in anechoic environment: 51 Hz to 300 Hz (±3 dB) Box Tuning Frequency: 43 Hz Usable Low Frequency Limit (-10dB point): 40 Hz Power Handling: 1,200 Watts continuous 2,400 Watts program 4,800 Watts peak Minimum Recommended Active Crossover Frequency and Slope for Biamping: 90 Hz at 18 dB/octave High pass filter 35 to 40 Hz at 12 to 24 dB/octave is recommended First question. I will be using all the Xti 4000's in bridge-mono, 1 amp per cabinet. Is this OK? In System Architech, I've put 3 presets in for the SP 218's and 3 presets in for the SP 4's. All 3 sub presets and all 3 top presets are the same with just different crossover points for each set presets. The presets I've saved are as follows: Input Mode: Ch1+Ch2 Output Mode: Bridge/Mono EQ: Bypassed Delay: Zero Limiter: -3dB Sub Crossovers: HPBw18, 0dB, 35Hz - LPBw18, 0dB, 90Hz, 100Hz & 125Hz Top Crossovers: HPBw18, 0dB, 90Hz, 100Hz & 125Hz - LPBw48, 0dB, 16kHz (After reading Peavey's spec sheet again, I notice that I should probably change the low pass for my tops to 17kHz.) Second question. Is the crossover graph in System Architech a true representation of the crossover frequency slopes? If it is, I can overlap the crossover points to eliminate what looks like a loss/drop of some frequencies at the crossover point. My only concern would be some of the vocals getting into the subs. I could use the Aux Feed Sub method to compensate for that. I'm thinking of running the crossovers at: Subs: HPBw, 0dB, 35Hz, - LPBw18, 0dB, 125Hz Tops: HPBw18,0dB, 90Hz, - LPBw48, 0dB, 16kHz Third question. This is giving me a 35Hz overlap but looks a lot flatter on System Architech's graph. Is this overlap OK? Fourth question. Would you use -3dB limiting of the XTi's? I also see box tuning frequencies and time offsets in the speaker specs. Fifth question. Is there any EQing, shelving, gain/cut or delaying that I should be incorporating into my presets? I've searched the Crown forum, but I didn't find any tunings for my cabs. I hoped to get some tuning from the Peavey forum, but they are down for maintenance. So last question. Does anyone have any tunings for my speakers? That would make this a whole lot easier. Thanks to anyone that can help.