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  1. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    Of course a couple of emails to JBL, and not a single reply. I have always been a supporter of JBL and the Harmon Pro family, and it's sad that they can't take the time to respond to there users and supporters. John
  2. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    But I am Not Bi-Amping per se - In Passive Mode +2-2 are passed through on the 928's, and only +1-1 are used in Passive Mode, so there is no reason why you can not take the NL4 from the XTi4000, to the 915 - set to use the +2-2 feed, and then jumper to the 1st and then 2nd 928 both in Passive Mode, except for the fact that the configuration pre-set from JBL is reversed. I will wait for my response from JBL, as I guess I can't seem to explain it in such a manor that you understand what I am talking about. I apologize. John
  3. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    I understand all that - what I was saying is - in that configuration - with the preset provided by JBL for the XTi - the preset has the crossover set for the 918 to be on the +1-1 pins, and the 928's on the +2-2 pins - opposite of the way you would be able to run that configuration, as only the 918 has the switch to change between the +1-1 pins or the +2-2 pins, and the 928's can only run passive on the +1-1 pins. Channel 1 is in Blue (should be the 928's in passive mode on a NL4 pins +1-1) Channel 2 is in Red (should be the 918 with the NL4 switch set to +2-2) Channels 1 and 2 are clearly swapped. Unless they intended for you to use 2 NL2 cables to each side - 1 for the 918 and 1 for the 928's (duplicated for the other side), as opposed to 1 NL4 cable to each side connecting all 3 boxes (918 and 2x928's). Like I said, easy enough to fix, but I would like to know what they were thinking. John
  4. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    You are discussing the 932's - I'm talking about the 928's! A pair of 928's passive is 1200-3200 watts at 4 ohms - and as I said they recommend the XTi4000 amp for this configuration. I have seen several rental packages with this same set up - four 928's and 2 915's with a pair of XTi4000 amps running them. Two 928's per channel, and 1 915 per channel (for each side). I guess I'll try sending off a email to JBL for some clarifications. John
  5. XTi4000 and JBL VRX928/VRX915S

    I am looking at a install set up for a small theatre - with 2-VRX928's (in passive mode) with a VRX915S each for Left and Right rigs, using 2 XTi4000's. I downloaded the current presets to look at, at is looks like that preset (PSub) has the sub on channel 1, and the 928's on channel 2, opposite of the way the NL4's are wired (with the sub set to channel 2). Am I misunderstanding something? I was going to post this in the Tunings Forum, but for some reason it will not allow posts. As this particular set up is recommended in the VRX Application Guide "VRX928LA SYSTEM APPLICATION EXAMPLE #2" it seems odd that they would not offer the Preset to go with it. Of course I have all the information to make my own preset that should work - but it is strange that they would have the channels reversed on the preset. John