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  1. CE 1000 fault

    Excelent reply, thank you very much.
  2. CE 1000 fault

    Hi everybody, I have a CE1000 which, from cold, goes into fault mode (both fault lights on) as soon as a speaker is connected to either output. The fault clears after a few seconds and then imediately comes back and this cycle repeats. This happens whether inputs are connected or not. The unit is in stereo mode. I have checked connections and tried 3 different cables and two different speakers (8 ohm, singly and in parrallel for 4 ohm). The list of causes for the fault light in the manual; 1. at start up - this continues after start up 2. & 3. temperature related - This happens from cold 4. short at output - I have confirmed the load is 8 (or 4) ohm 5. faulty output stage - seems most likely, but why do both channels show a fault? Any input gratefully received!