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  1. Hello, This is my first post. I've picked up a JBL MRX518S sub (400W Continuous / 800W Program / 1600W Peak @ 4 ohms) I'd like to power it with a CE2000 (660W Stereo or 1950W Bridge-Mono @ 4 ohms) The application is a single sub just to add a little thump for a typical bar band in small neighborhood bars. We'll be sending kick & bass + a little iPod music between sets via a crossover. (For reference, the mains are a pair of JBL EON 1500s on sticks powered by a single CE1000, and are plenty loud) Question: Do I run the sub off one side of the CE2000, or would I be grossly under powered? Am I better off going bridge-mono, or would I then be over powered? Would I be better off powering it with my CE1000 bridge-mono at 1100W, and using the CE2000 for the mains? Next: If I someday pick up a second sub, do I dare daisy-chain the subs and present a 2 ohm load to the CE2000, or do I run one sub off each channel @ 660W (or I am again underpowered?) Would I have to buy another amp? Which begs the final question... If these subs need 1200W or more at 4 ohms, how in the world do I power them? One monster amp w/ 1200W per side at 4 ohms? Or do people normally run one amp bridge-mono for each sub - and if so, who is going to help me carry all of this stuff, (let alone pay for it all)?? Again, this is for a bar band, not a disco or an acoustic weapons installation. Thanks in advance for the help