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  1. Crown MA 5002 VZ not suitable for JBL SRX 725?

    That was my thinking when i bought the MA5002 to power the SRX but for some reason the guy i spoke to was trying to convince me that I hadn't spent my money wisely and that they weren't ideally suited. Thank you for putting my mind to rest.
  2. I have been informed that my Macro-Tech MA 5002VZ is not suitable to run a pair of JBL SRX 725 speakers as that amp is better suited to driving subs. It was also suggested that running the SRX 725 speakers with 2x bridged MA 3600VZ would achieve much more pleasing results....providing that i didn't push them too hard. Is this true? I already own these amps and would appreciate some advice to avoid mis-matching my new speakers. Thank you