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  1. hey thank you very much!!! works perfectly!!! your instructions were concise and clear....i really appreciated it! it made a ton of sense as soon as i stripped the wires, but being that it was my first time dealing with an amp that didn't already have a bridge button/switch on it--i was nervous! thanks again!
  2. hey all, i have looked over the pdf file in the other post re: the custom y cable and i must say, i'm stumped. i don't want to wire this thing myself....any chance you can buy this adapter? if not, is there anyone that can provide instruction as to how to do this? I will be going xlr out from my crossover into the sub...speakon would make my life easier but that doesn't appear to be an option ....also--i was told by tech support over the phone that this amp would be able to comfortably handle the subs i'll be pushing (behringer b1800x rated at 800 watts program @ 8 ohms) this would bring the load to 4 ohms bridged (again, i did run this scenario over the phone but want to double check before i damage equipment)....but it would appear that this might not be the case after reading the troubles form some other folks on this board...any advice is much appreciated...thank you! -gary