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  1. Hello, I am a new Crown® owner and am new to this type of equipment. I have dual XLR outputs from my mixer to my XLS 602 amp and when I fade to the right channel, the output light on the amp indicates no signal on the left, yet both speakers still produce sound (I get the same result when I switch to the left channel, lights change, but sound does not). Both of my Cerwin Vega 4? speakers are connected via speakon. Only the right volume knob will change the sound output and the left does nothing, the amp is acting like it is in bridged mode. I have the switch on [DUAL] and not [bRIDGE], yet still, I am only getting one channel of sound. I have tried switching from Stereo to Bridge mode (after unplugging the power cord, of course), but still get the same result. This is a new amp, just trying to set it up. Thanks!