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  1. MA5000VZ on-load distortion

    I replaced those caps as suggested, and either that or a bit of resoldering I did seems to have fixed it. Thanks a lot! I'd be interested if you could outline the theoretical reason for those caps affecting the THD (no trade secrets required ) trebazond
  2. Hi, I have an MA5000VZ on the bench which suffered from CH1 output being shorted. I thought I had got off lightly with only one output transistor being short. However, although the channel works with that transistor replaced, the distortion figure shoots up with any load at all (about 0.8% at 1kHz). If I swap the output modules, the fault stays on CH1, so it's not on the output module. I also removed U750 (the current-sense amp) to no effect. Any pointers as to where to look would be gratefully received. Regards, trebazond
  3. MA5000 Posistor

    Yes, and that's the part which I have been supplied via a Harman dealer in the past (it's either that one or the B59840C130A70 which has identical markings). I wanted to check that that is the part that you specify yourselves , rather than a substitute that someone else has thought up. Regards, trebazond
  4. Hi, I wanted to check that the EPCOS posistor part no. B59840C120A70 (see ) is suitable for the soft-start circuit in the MA5000VZ. It looks like it's the one I've been supplied with in the past, I've just had a run of burnt out ones lately; that could just be coincidence. Thanks, trebazond