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  1. Can someone provide the source that shows you can bridge an XLS series amp at 4 ohms (with the exception of the XLS 5000)? I thought they were only safe at 8 ohms when bridged. Thanks, Lee Garber
  2. I have an XLS 802 and just bought a JBL MP255S dual 15" subwoofer. The sub comes wired at 4 ohms (parallel of the 2-8 ohm drivers). I could run the sub with just one channel of the 802 giving it 800 watts maximum. Or, I can rewire it (removing the low pass network as I already use an active line level crossover, maybe boosting efficiency and quality?) and drive each sub individually (stereo) on both channels of the amp at 500 watts each. Seems like running the sub stereo will give it a bit more power and will get rid of the speaker level inductor. Any thoughts or suggestions one way or the other? Thanks, Lee G