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  1. matching proper amp to speakers

    Hey I have the same set of speakers and i use them for outside shows all the time and i use the XTI 4000 and works good with that amp and those speaker it covers pretty good Rockin Robert
  2. ohms help

    i have 2 set of peavey 215 4 ohm cabs if i was to daisy chain what would my ohms drop to i'm going to say 2 ohm but don't what to burn up my amps
  3. xti 4000

    i got a new xti 4000 back in sept and the fan on the back of the amp has never turned on but both of my xti 1000 run all the time so is there something wrong with my fan or does it on come on when it gett's hot i have fans in my case so it not getting hot warm but not hot should i send my amp back to be repaired ??????????????
  4. xti 1000's

    what is the best way to run my xti 1000's in bridge mode i have 2 of them that are going to run a pair of peavey SP118 subs so i can get a 1000 watt to each one of the subs but when i was trying to put them in bridge mode one went in bridge but it's reading the preset i have them on but the other one went in to bridge mode but i could not get it to go into bridge the same way the other amp did i ended up getting them the same so i see there is more then one way to run in bridge mode so whats the best way with how i want to run mine Thanks Rockin Robert
  5. 1000 xti

    i have 2 xti 1000's and i want to run them in bridge mod so that i can run one to each of my peavey sp118 so do i just put them in bridge and wire my speaker wires for bridge mod or is there other setting i have to change
  6. I have just got a brand new xti 1000 crown to put in my dj setup i was using a peavey cs 400 but my trouble is that my crown don't seem to have any more power then the peavey when i took it out of the box i just plug it up and turned the gains up i don't know if there's a setting i that i need to change the way i run my amp is stereo it like 370watt per channel my speakers are peavey SP5 8 ohm what do i need to do to make it better Robert