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  1. Many thanks for your swift reply Kevin BUT just got back from an outdoor event where I attempted to configure one of three racked XTi 4000's. I connected the laptop - running Windows XP HOME EDITION - to the XTi directly via a usb port on the laptop to the amp. I ran Band Manager and waited for the autoscan to find the device. Didn't happen. Rebooted and ran it again, not found. The amp is much later than 2006 so what to do now? Allan
  2. Subsequent to my last thread - I have been using an early version of System Architect to programme presets into 3 x XTi 4000's. I now want to use Band Manager instead as System Architect is so top heavy and BM is supposed to have been designed mainly because of this! As System Architect has found and controlled these amps, I presume Band Manager can be used instead of System Manager (not now present on the laptops being used) without any inter-action with System Architect. Cheers, Allan
  3. I've got Band Manager on two laptops - one is XP Pro, the other XP Home Edition. I am about to use Band Manager for the first time to configure a stack of XTi 4000's at a venue. Does anybody know if Band Manager will have any problems with Windows XP Home as the whole networking/usb connectivity thing seems much better implemented in XP Pro and I have this niggling doubt! Cheers, Allan
  4. Just getting my head around 'Band Manager'. If I want to configure a stack of XTI 4000's with my own xover presets I can presumably bypass the Master EQ controls? Also - (I've asked this a while back) are ther any presets available for Logic subs? Cheers, - Allan
  5. Hi - I'm in the UK. Running 3 XTi 4000's at a Village social club last weekend (13th Sep 08) all three amps began reporting problems. Two XTi bass amps reported "short" simultaneously. The top end amp reported "limit" followed by all three amps showing limiting spasmodically. This was accompanied by a tangible reduction in 'guts' with sound pressure levels wandering in and out at random. The power neons on all the 4 way sockets at or near the desk were flickering noticeably. I have to say that I was running a 30 metre power lead to the FOH which was sharing a 2 way socket with the XTi's, foldback AND backline. I wonder, does the SMPS make the XTi's vulnerable to voltage/current sagging and could this be the problem? Cheers - Allan
  6. Thanks so much for your precise and informative reply. And yes, You've rumbled me! I did quote the spec However, I was wrong about the Cabs. They are in fact X300 which is the touring version of the B300i. These are quoted as "1000 watts 4 ohm". As you pointed out, the spec sheet is vague so do I assume that an XT1 4000 in stereo will "see" a 1000 watt 4ohm load per channel wth this bin? If so, on the basis of your comprehensive explanation of the 'rule of thumb' limitations on amps, it would seem that, as the XTi performs slightly better into 4 ohms, I would be nearer the mark optimally with this speaker at this load, or not? I have tried emailing Logic but so far, no reply (probably because I'm not buying a 24 piece array of them!) ps - Just bought another two XTi 4000's so I need to get this right! Allan
  7. Just purchased an XTi 4000 to power a pair of Logic 2 x 15" 8ohm subs. These are UK manufactured, pro PA install/touring subs. Each cabinet employs two 500w 15” drivers, each mounted in their own vented back cavity, while both drivers are also co-aligned into a V shaped front manifold. Frequency range is 40hz - 150hz. A couple of questions - if I set up to run the 4000 in stereo supplying 650w per side is this optimal? What impedence load would the amp 'see'? Also, it has been suggested that applying 6th order Butterworth slope filters to HP works well with these cabs. Does that make sense? Finally, why does the dsp XOV default to Channel 1 low fr Channel 2 high fr. Surely this would only run any connected cabs in mono, meaning two amps would be required for stereo tops? Cheers - Allan