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  1. Crown CE1000 Help

    I went ahead and disassembled the speakon connectors and discovered that they were both wired to the 2+ and 2- terminal. I changed them both to the 1+ and 1- terminal and everything is up and running. With everything up and running the amp pushes those dual SVS 20-39 CS Plus with ease. Glad I stuck with this amplifier and I want to thank everyone that helped through my problems.
  2. Crown CE1000 Help

    I just got off the phone with the technician that tested my amplifier. He told me that he used bare speaker wire to input into the barrier strip and the speaker cable ran the amp just fine. I am going to go home and test the barrier strip and see if that solves my problem. If the barrier strip works out for me, but not the XLR input, what could possibly be the problem with the amplifier?
  3. Crown CE1000 Help

    A single RCA runs from the receiver's subwoofer pre-out and then splits in the final 6" of the 8' cable run. I have 1/4" connectors inserted into both ends of the rca cable that run into the XLR inputs. The SVS subwoofers are a 4 ohm nominal load. I have tried both sensitivity settings on the amplifier and settled in on the 1.4 V as that gave enough signal for driving the one channel that works. I am wondering if there is any chance that the barrier strips would operate correctly and that is maybe how the repair shop had it hooked up and had the amplifier running correctly?
  4. I have a Crown CE1000 that has been giving me problems. I have had the amplifier professionally looked at and have been informed that there is nothing broken within the amplifier. I am running the amplifier from the subwoofer(LFE signal only) pre-out of a new Onkyo 805 home receiver. The signal is split from the subwoofer preout and run to the amplifier via rca cables that have 1/4" connectors into the XLR connectors of channel 1 and 2 of the CE1000. There are speakon connectors from the output to the subwoofers. The amplifier is set to stereo mode. Both green LED lights on the front panel indicate I am getting a signal. The only sound I get from the amplifier is through the channel 1 input and then it comes out of the channel 2 output. The two passive SVS subwoofers are new and both function properly when utilizing the channel 1 input to channel 2 output to power each one individually at seperate times. I have run through all the possible scenarios in my head for switching up the cables of the inputs and outputs and have had the same results regardless of what I do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could be the fact that i am just sending the LFE channel (80Hz and below)?