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  1. I am curious if I can run my Macro-Tech 600 off of a 1000 watt 12v to 120v power inverter. The battery I will be using is a 225ah deep cycle marine battery. I read in the manual I downloaded that the power draw at 30% duty cycle for 8ohm stereo operation is 305watts. In addition to the amp ... I will power a tiny mixer and a laptop running iTunes. Is there anything I am missing???? Seems like this will work... Right??? I would hate to damage my very pristine Macro-Tech.
  2. decent power for klipsch rf83's

    Hey there... I don't post here much .. more of a lurker .... I do run one of my Klipsch set ups off of Crown power though. My garage/wrenching on the bikes system .... is: iPod>Mackie mixer($100)>Crown Marco-tech 600($300 used)> Klipsch KP-201($300 used) will absolutely raise the roof and *beep* the neighbors off when idiling along at half volume. Yes there is fan noise ... if you feel comfortable going used ... look for a Crown K1 or K2 as they are convection cooled and have no fan ... no longer in production though. I would say indoors the Macro-tech fan would be too loud ... in my garage... the volume is generally turned up, so I do not hear it too much.