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  1. K1 Overheating?

    Hi, Got a K1 here that gets very hot to touch! Even when run at minimal volume. Both sides of the unit get hot, so both channels are overheating.. It sounds ok, no distortion etc, have not had it running long enough to check whether the TLC cuts in yet! Hope you can help Darren
  2. Distorted K1

    I have a K1 that when I first turn on it makes a noise (in both channels) that I can only describe as a songbird chattering away, then after about 10 seconds that disappears and the output is then very distorted, barely recognisable, if i turn the gain up just a fraction it pops and the birdie song starts again!! any ideas? Thanks in advance Darren
  3. Dead K1

    Hi, I have a dead K1 amp. Initially it was intermittent, and after resoldering the large coils at the rear of the unit, it worked fine. A month later and it is now dead. I don't have a circuit for this model and wondered whether i can obtain one or get any advice from anybody on here? We have aprox 30 of these units that we hire out and have only ever had the usual intermittent problems with them which has been cured by resoldering the coils. Many thanks in advance Darren