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  1. I've just been getting into understanding this side of live sound with power amps impedances wiring, the math behind it, etc. Here is what I have figured out so far since all of this system is together and installed since last august and I've been assisting in troubleshooting. Having a few different issues, in which not all are related to power amps, just a few of them We are using two Renkus-Heinz wedges rated at 500 watts of program power. The power amp is a Rane six channel multi-channel amplifier that outputs 600 watts of power when all 6 channels are used individually. 100 watts on each channel. Each channel cannot take any less than a 4ohm load. Just recently are the six channels being wired so we have more speakon inputs on the stage for monitors, but they are still just one monitor mix. The math is looking like this 2db of headroom 500x.8=400watts 4db of headroom 5000x1.25=625 watts My guess is that we are in the mininum range of getting 4db of headroom for these monitors. Is my understanding correct that this amplifier is alright to run these wedges? Should we be turning the amplifier up all the way to get the amp to run at full power? Any help is appreciated? Thanks Dave