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  1. Thanks again, Crown for the help! I'm part of a website called DJ Tutor ( and do videos for DJs. Here's a vid I did with my new XTi amps. I used some of the info you gave me to do a very basic overview of these great amps! Thanks again! Brian S Redd
  2. In System Architect go to the "X-over" section, for the amp, and then go to the "Independent" tab. The "Independent" tab is where you can set each channel independent of the other. If you use the single entry window on the "Crossover" tab you will set up a x-over in the amp with channel 1 being the lows and channel 2 being the highs. Usually I like to use a steeper filter as 6db/oct allows quite a bit of LF to be shared between the sub and top boxes. I would suggest you try a Likwitz-Riley 24db/oct. filter it will give you a tighter low end. Thank You
  3. Hi Crown I went into the System Archetect and under Xover, enabled HiPass Butterworth 6db at 90Hz for each channel. Did I do that right? Thanks again Brian S Redd
  4. Hello Crown I must first appoligize for this completely novice question and a double appoligy if it's already been covered somewhere, but the answer would be greatly appreciated. OK, I've replaced my Crown XLS 602 and Macro Tech 2400 (and BBE Max X2 crossover) with an XTi 2000 and 4000. LOVE the bass I'm getting from the 4000, but I can't seem to sort out how to run the top cabs (JBL JRX115) crossed over so the low frequency stuff is not hitting them. I'm using the 4000 with the BRG SUBS option lowpass filter at 90 Hz. So the ideal set-up would be to have everything 90 Hz and up hitting the JRX115 top cabs with the 2000, right? The answer is probably right in front of my face, but I'm crap with such things. Any help would be appreciated. If I can get this right, then I'll do a DJ Tutor video tutorial on it for Youtube. I think DJs would like to know about this and how it works Thanks in advance Brian S Redd