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  1. CM-311A

    I did in fact contact the dealer after my last post and another was sent that very same day, no quesitons asked. They even sent a return authorazation pickup tag for the defect and picked up the tab on shipping costs.. The new CA311 microphone works flawlessly ! Very crisp and zero feedback problems ... well worth the wait . . . . dwdrummer
  2. CM-311A

    **UPDATE** I called Crown's Warranty Service and they promptly issued an Service Return Authorazation (SRA#). I then in turn contacted the retailer I purchased it from and they overnighted me a brand new unit - then paid shipping back for the defect ! .. Everyone went out of their way to help .. It's good to know there are still "real people" willing to step up and help resolve any issues .. Money well spent .. -dwdrummer- I recently purchased a new Crown CM-311A mic. I picked up a couple fresh akaline Duracell batteries, set the microphone switch to "push on/ push off" and plugged in a (tested) good 50ft. mic cable plugged in to a Mackie with Phantom power. Turned everything on and I've got nothing - not even a hint of audio . We've rechecked /replaced the battery, tried the mic switch in various positions, changed out the mic cord and still nothing .. Is there anything I've overlooked or do I need to give Crown a call for an SRA ? The mic is brand new and never been used . Any help would be greatly appreciated . . -dwdrummer -