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    Alberto, por lo que veo este aparato estuvo mucho tiempo sin uso, ami me pasó lo mismo con un MA600, intenta desconectar y limpiar el conector del panel frontal, viene pegado con silicón, limpia los contactos y lo vuelves a conectar, con esto solucioné mis problema Saludos
  2. XLS 402 bridge mono 4 ohm load

    that 6 ohm reading i am assuming is taken by measuring with a multimeter. That is electrical impedance. Go to the JBL website and look at the impedance curve for the 2226 driver. This will give you a plot of actual impedance vs frequency. You will see the nominal 8 ohm frequency is an average over the frequency response of the speaker. Have a look at the impedance in the frequency band you are interested in - 30hz to 100hz if a sub, and you may find the actual impedance is not 6 ohms for the frequencies you are wanting to use the speaker for. cheers Rob Thanks Rob I’m very interested in use my XLS 602 (3U) in mono bridged into 4ohm, this is the link of technical spec of JBL 2226, I want to connect two 8ohm speaker in parallel in order to get 4 ohm. The XLS 602 is dedicated to drive low freq cut in 600Hz Would be safe use this configuration? Thanks
  3. Macro Tech 600 failure

    Hi, is me again. Finally I replaced the 7,800 mf capacitors for originals new ones by Crown, the problem is the same at boths channels. I didn´t connect any input or output signal, only i connected to power supply. When I turn on the MA600 both red lights activates (normal operation) and after 5 sec relays are intented to activate one or two times, then boths green led turn on at maximum intensity and one or boths red lights gradually turn off and turn on. The firsth time I turned on this MA600 after 7 years stored, I connected two 8 ohm speakers at low level, it works for a few time. Is any other simple thing I can check it? Thanks Adolfo Macal
  4. XLS 402 bridge mono 4 ohm load

    This is the exacly information that I was looking for. I like to run two 2226 JBL loudspeaker (8 ohm each) conected to 602 XLS in mono bridged ("Y" cables is not problem). Each speaker has minimum impedance 6.0 ohms ± 10% @ 25°C (H) Would be safe to run in momo bridged? This will be a 4 ohm load (3 hom minimum) Thanks
  5. Hi, I have two Crown XLS first generation (3U) and I read the rated impedance in bridged mono is only 8 ohm. Since this models are safe to operate in 2 ohm stereo, can I run 4 ohm in mono? Will be safe to operate? Thanks
  6. Macro Tech 600 failure

    Thanks a lot, DGlass, I will take it to Crown Autorized service in my local area. Well its hard to say exactly but since the amp has been stored for so long, and not used, I would have to guess it might be a capacitor. It might be somethings else but I would lean toward it being a cap. It would have to be benched to verify what exactly is the isue.
  7. Hi, I´m new in this excelent forum. I was searching some topic about my situation but I didn´t found anything. I have a Macrotech 600, it has been stored about 7 years, before this time it was working fine. Yesterday I conected it in order to compare to my XLS606, but only operate for two minutes, then the protection device is actived on both channels. I use two 8 ohm speakers and the pre amp is a Berhinger mixer, balanced wires, voltaje supply is ok and all basic connections are right. I cleaned inside the MA600 using pressure air. If I disconect all inputs and outputs conections the truble is still on the MA600. Only the first time when turn on the MA600 it can operate for a long time (more than 1 hour), then only operate for two minutes every time restarted. Does somebody has any idea about this truble? Is it possible the poor lubrication on fan motor produces this situation? Thanks Adolfo