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  1. Crown xls402

    I have used kenwood ka-800 before crown xls402. Kenwood has tone control (bass,treble) and loudness which gives a lot of bass. I have bough high frequency drivers, eminence psd2002, now bass is louder but there is no real bass, about 50Hz, you think,with behringer fbq6002 situation will be better? Sound source is PC (for now), EQ does nothing. I have 2 satelites (400w bass eminence kappa pro 15a, and high frequency driver eminence psd 2002,this boxes are full range), and i have started to build other two bass boxes with eminence kappa pro 15LFA,which will have crossover, he will "go" to about 200Hz. Will bass be louder than? ...ZIV JE DRAZA UMRO NIJE, DOK JE SRPSTVA I SRBIJE...
  2. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Yes, Novi Sad is famous becouse there is Exit festival,this year 12-16 july, I`m not a part of organization, I have an proffesional speakers and amp just for my soul ,and other soul who want to pay a lot )) EXIT:
  3. XLS 602 Fault problem

    I have bought my amp in Serbia (Novi Sad) and i have got 1 year warranty... It`s TRUE
  4. XLS 602 Fault problem

    Fault may be in fan, when you turn on amp,its getting warm(hot) and then termic protection turns on (turns off the sound), maybe. Do you hear spining of the fan when you turn it on? Sory about my english,its bad but i think you will understand me...
  5. Crown xls402

    Hi people, I`m from Serbia, I don`t speak english very well. I have bought amp Crown xls402 a week before, I have four eminence 15" speakers, and I`m not pleased with bass(bass is not enough loud). I dont have any mixer, or other device wich can apmlifie bass. It has a bass but it`s not real bass, high frequency bass ( about 200Hz). How can I amplifie the bass? Can mixer help me or something else. I think about behringer ub2442fx pro... I`m sorry if I write something wrong , I said I dont speak english very well...